To Prospective Applicants

Ango Hotels are places in which people with a diversity of experiences come together.
These are places where you can turn your own unique experiences, and growth from the challenges you have faced into a meaningful and fulfilling career. Applicants from other countries, of course, have their own unique backgrounds and experiences that set them apart. After all, a variety of guests come to stay with us at Ango Hotels, and we can serve them best with a team that’s equally diverse.

The experience of traveling, and meeting new people along the way is a one-of-a-kind experience for both our guests and the staff members who look after them. We also try to remember that people travel for different reasons, and there are all kinds of trips, but the staff at our hotels will be there to offer the kind of warm, compassionate support that our guests may need, no matter the nature of their travel. The impact of these connections can be greater than you’d think.
Our mission is to be the local, human touch that welcomes travelers from around the world and makes them feel at home. We think that is what makes us Ango Hotels.
Come join us.

Team Members



If I want to, I can challenge myself in a field that's completely new to me.
That's what motivates me.

As a former police officer, "helping people" is one of the keywords I look for when choosing a profession, and it's something I think this job is allowing me to do. After I left my previous job due to an injury, I started work at the front desk of a hotel in my hometown. When I joined Ango Hotels, I assumed my position would be based in that previous experience, but instead I was surprised to find that they asked me about my own preferences. There are a number of different positions available here, and it's a motivating factor for me that I'm allowed to expand my possibilites if I ask for the opportunity.

Food and Beverage


I want to turn my love for hospitality
into even better customer service

I always liked talking to people, just as I enjoyed food and drinks. It was completely natural for me to end up working in the hospitality industry. Compared with my previous job at a restaurant in the center of Tokyo, we've only just opened, and there's a lot of trial and error. That means a lot of challenges, but being allowed to try my hand out at so many things makes it really enjoyable for me. I'm hoping to progress further, to be able to provide service to better suit the needs of each guest as I gain more experience.

Guest Relations


We expand our connections to the community
to create a new style of travel

One of the jobs of the Guest Relations Department & Regional Exchange can be described as offering a new style of travel to our customers, a style of "traveling as though you live in your destination." Some of the original activities we plan and host include a zen meditation experience in the hotel, talks with Kyoto artisans, and more. I'd also like to use our hotels as a starting point for sharing information about Kyoto, and about this area, so when I find time I go out to walk around the city to see if I can discover some new wonders.

Room Reception


The thrill of designing
both our service and our ground rules

Maybe this is what being in a university club is like. I felt that way as we raced full-force to be ready for the hotel opening, and I often feel that way even now. At ENSO ANGO, no one decides that a job should be done in a certain way. Instead, everyone shares their ideas, and all of the staff members decide together, considering the best method of hospitality, and respecting the best method for each person. I came to work here from a creative job that was mostly desk work, but I feel more and more that the work I do here everyday is creative. The culture here that allows us to share our excitement with one another is perfect for me.


We always strive to be connected as a team, even as we demonstrate our individuality, and continue to grow together

The team at Ango Hotels is constantly evolving as we grow together with our diverse staff members. We always encourage staff to contribute their unique talents and expertise, even if they may be somewhat unconventional, because conventional we are certainly not. Ango Hotels offer travelers the experience of a stay that feels less like a sterile hotel visit, and more like really living in the City of Kyoto. With our self-starting, creative team, we work in concert with the local community to create these kinds of unique experiences, and always continue to improve our services.

About Us:
By the Numbers

Gender Ratio



The working environment at Ango Hotels is very friendly and open, and employees of all genders are close. Roughly one third of our current workforce is female, and we are committed to fair and equal employment: all of our employees are given equal opportunity to work on the front lines. We are also flexible when it comes to working with employees to find employment solutions for their lifestyle needs, including those who require reduced working hours or time off for childcare.

Age Distribution











Our employees' ages range widely from those in their twenties to their sixties, but ours is an environment in which our younger staff members, too, are able to proactively voice their opinions. There are also members of our team who've made working at our hotels into a second career after leaving their previous work at retirement age.

Our Workforce


Ango Hotels began operations in 2018, and since its inception, we have remained an extremely adaptable and nimble organization. Each of our employees is able to exercise a great deal of decision-making responsibility in their work. About 40% of our employees came to Ango Hotels without previous hotel industry experience, but even those without a background in hospitality are able to adapt easily to the working environment here. We always encourage the growth of our employees and the development of their skills, just as we continue to see out new challenges as a company.

*All data is accurate as of April, 2019.


Just as we want our guests to lose themselves in an immersive, organic Kyoto experience, we want our staff to be able to experience the city with the same fresh eyes. We encourage the members of our team to stay curious: to explore and learn more about Kyoto’s city streets, its history and culture. Staying open and keeping ourselves out of a static loop bring us a little bit closer to both our guests and the local community.
In the same way, the working culture at Ango Hotels is relaxed and open, and staff members can freely ask one another for advice. We may be a diverse team, but staff here cooperate closely with one another, regardless of differences in age, gender, or experience. Everyone is free to express their opinions and try new things, so that we can continue to build this workplace together. Ango Hotels also provides advancement opportunities with career paths and training for staff.


Company Name Ango Hotels Inc.
Head Office 8th Floor Inter One Place Karasuma II
680 Omandokorocho, Bukkoji-sagaru, Karasuma-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
600-8413 Japan
Phone. +81(0)75 585 5610
Fax. +81(0)75 585 5630
Principle business Hotel operation and management
Consulting services on regional development and revitalization
Established on September 29, 2017 (Company name changed on April 1, 2018)

Join The Team

We want you to realize all of your potential here at Ango Hotels. Everyone here may come from different backgrounds, but we invite our staff to come as they are and share their own particular skills and expertise in our work. Our team thrives on the energy and individuality of its members, and the unique abilities that each of them brings to the table. We think it’s important to embrace a work style that continuously evolves with our diverse and spirited team.
If you think you might be a fit for the Ango Hotels team, please submit your application to us below.

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