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​Ama Town, Oki District, Shimane Prefecture

The Geo Hotel will open in 2021. The former national lodging house was rebuilt and rebuilt as a complex facility that has both a geopark base function and a lodging function that allows you to enjoy the superb view. It is not a so-called urban luxury that adds value, but rather the luxury of a new journey of "nothing", richness, with the highest value of Oki's nature, which is far away from the city and is floating on the earth. We aim to provide



Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture

ENSO ANGO  opened in 2018. A modern distributed hotel that reinterprets Albergo Diffuso, which organically connects five facilities and operates them as one hotel. Kyoto craftsman talks, ikebana experience, obanzai classes, and other cultural programs unique to the hotel, as well as projects on the theme of local sake and craft beer. and culture. Received Good Design Award 2019, IF Design Award, and AHEAD Hospitality Award.



Whole country

With the mission of “discovering cultures and concepts that improve society and people’s lives from the region and becoming a starting point for disseminating them to the world,” the “Regional Ichibankan” and aquarium/golf play an important role in the promotion of regional tourism. A general leisure business chain operator that operates a variety of businesses such as venues and highway restaurants. Taking advantage of its wide range of achievements and economies of scale, it operates many hospitality facilities that value the individuality of each region, such as Sapporo Grand Hotel, Sapporo Park Hotel, and Kamogawa Sea World.

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