Ango Hotels is a hotel operation and management company
aiming to contribute to making a better world
through the power of hospitality
and the Zen ideals of kindness and compassion.

About Ango Hotels

Brand concept

“Ango” is a Zen practice in which monks gather for a period of time to live and train together after which they return to their daily duties. At Ango Hotels, we provide our guests with opportunities to come together at our hotels during their travels, to gain new insights before returning to their busy lives. We strive to create such an opportunity for our guests, hence we chose our name Ango.

Our core values

To share the Zen ideals that underly the heart of the Japanese culture, to come together, to learn, to work and to reflect on the self. Life could be likened to a journey of inner-discovery, within which our daily life is a form of training. Just as when monks gather for Ango, the insights we gain by traveling help us to deepen our understanding of the self.

Our vision

Connecting people, developing local communities, creating opportunities for self-discovery, building a better world.

Our mission

Striving to provide Life Changing Experiences

Traveling provides a moment in time, a chance to step outside of our known world and embrace new experiences through which we gain a deeper perspective about our lives.
At Ango Hotels, we aspire to provide opportunities for our guests to be inspired by life itself, to garner new resolve and to discover the self.

Energising rural Japan

Japan’s countryside villages contain a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and a deep understanding of the art of living. Ango Hotels are committed to working with and energising local communities through innovative collaborations and fresh ideas in order to harness the history, knowledge and skill that already exists there.

Corporate Profile

Company Name
Ango Hotels Inc.
Principle business
Hotel operation and management
Consulting services on regional development and revitalization
Board of Directors
Chairman: Shuya Kuwana
President/CEO: Yumiko Toeda
1,000,000 Japanese Yen
Established in
September 29, 2017.