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ANGO is a creative, cutting-edge hospitality advisory and management company based in the world’s largest and most dynamic city, Tokyo. Specializing in lifestyle boutique properties, ANGO conceptualizes, develops and then activates properties with unique and inspiring design narratives.  Seamlessly blending high tech, low touch innovation into its designs, an ANGO project allows modern hospitality to shine

whilst giving peace of mind to the guests.


Clarification of the final goal and challenges toward it

Destination design for travelers

Urban development design for the region

Business feasibility analysis and asset management leadership

Branding and operation planning

Creating a one-of-a-kind brand concept

CI and VI strategies in response to the needs of the times

Market positioning strategy

Brand strategy and PR leadership

Operation planning that embodies the brand

Design management

Capital expenditure planning support
Maintenance work planning support
Hotel design strategy formulation
Design and engineering leadership
Technical service assistance
Direction of FF&E procurement

Management support

Resolution of various operational issues and implementation support
Product creation by travel design
​Customer attraction and marketing support
Organizational restructuring support for change

Development of a mutually beneficial relationship with host communities

Management improvement leadership

Initial consultation

An interactive session to take your first steps

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Ento opened in 2021. The former national lodging house was rebuilt as a complex facility that has both a geopark base function and a lodging function. With the concept of "honest and seamless", the geo-hotel allows its guests to enjoy the superb view of Oki-islands night and day, while connecting them to the local community throughout their stay.

Comprehensive advisory from conceptualization, development, and operation
Development strategy planning
Operation and brand strategy planning
​Management support​

​A journey into everyday Kyoto and self-discovery

ENSO ANGO opened in 2018. A modern distributed hotel that reinterprets Albergo Diffuso, which organically connects five facilities and operates them as one hotel. Kyoto craftsman talks, ikebana experience, obanzai classes, and other cultural programs unique to the hotel, as well as projects on the theme of local sake and craft beer. Received Good Design Award 2019, IF Design Award and AHEAD Hospitality Award.


​Brand building
Operational planning
Organization building
​Opening management
Operation management support


Local values shaping the global future 

With the mission of“discovering local cultures that improve wider society and people's lives and becoming a starting point for disseminating them to the world,” Granvista operates a variety of businesses such as full-scale city hotels, ryokans, an aquarium, a golf course and highway restaurants. Taking advantage of its wide-ranging track record, the company operates numerous hospitality facilities that value the individuality of each region, such as Sapporo Grand Hotel, Sapporo Park Hotel, and Kamogawa Sea World.


Corporate revitalization​ leadership
Management improvement leadership
Corporate vision restructuring and rebranding

Capital investment planning and implementation

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Representative: Yumiko Toeda 


5-46-18 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo  150-0001


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